Financial and Economic Statistics
North Africa
DZIMF1 World Economic Outlook(Source : IMF)
DZWB1 Development Indicators (Source : The World Bank)
  Source : Central Bank of Egypt
  Banking Survey
  Domestic Liquidity and Counterpart Assets
  Deposits in Local Currency
  Deposits in Foreign Currencies
  Foreign Assets and Liabilities
  Domestic Credit and Other Items
  Total Saving By Type
  Bank Lending and Discount Balances to Public Business Sector
  Bank Lending and Discount Balances to Private Business Sector
  CBE Financial Position_ Reserve Money& Counterpart Assets
  Note Issued Including Cash In CBE Valut By Denomination
  Currency In Circulation Outside CBE By Denomination
  Central Bank of Egypt Clearing House Activities
  Aggregate Balance Sheet
  Deposits By Maturity
  Deposits By Sector
  Deposits By Economic Activity
  Lending and Discount Balances By sector
  Lending and Discount Balances By Economic Activity
  Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange
  The Shares Transactions on the Stock Exchange
  Bonds transactions & Mutual Funds Documents
  Mutual Funds Licensed and Operating
  Interest Rates
  The Discount Rate and Interest Rates on Deposits and Loans in Egyptian Pounds
  Domestic Interest Rates on 3 months Deposits of Major Currencies
  Banking Density
  Structure of the Egyptian Banking system
  Investments of the Insurance Sector
  BOP and External Debt
  Egypt's balance of Payments
  Proceeds of commodity Exports by degree of Processing
  Exports by Type of Commodity
  Payments for commodity Imports by degree of Use
  Imports by commodity Group
  Exports by Geographical Distribution
  Imports by Geographical Distribution
  External Debt & indicators
  GDP Growth Rates
  GDP Growth Rates (contd.)
  GDP structure (constant)
  GDP structure (constant) (contd.)
  GDP at factor cost (constant)
  GDP at factor cost (constant) (contd.)
  GDP at factor cost (current)
  GDP by expenditure (constant)
  Position of Egyptian Cotton
  Egyptian Cotton Exports
  Number of Tourist Nights (By Group)
  Number of Tourists (By Group)
  Consumer Price Index (Urban 1)
  Consumer Price Index (Urban 2)
  Wholesale Price Index
  Domestic Debt of Government & Economic Authorities Debt
  The Outstanding Balance of Treasury Bonds (30-6-2006)
  National Investment Bank
  The Outstanding Balance of Treasury Bills (Quarterly)
  The Return Rate of Treasury Bills
  The Outstanding Balance of Treasury Bills (Weekly)
  New Data Budget
  The Budget sector , NIB & GASC ,and SIFs
  The State Budget - Expenditures
  The State Budget -Deficit and Sources of Financing
  The State Budget -Revenues
  Output production
  Output of Major Agricultural Crops
  Output of Major Industrial Products
  Investments By Economic Sectors
  Investments By Economic Sectors (contd.)
  Population, Labor force& Unemployment Rate
EGIMF1 World Economic Outlook(Source : IMF)
LYIMF1 World Economic Outlook(Source : IMF)
LYWB1 Development Indicators (Source : The World Bank)
  Monetary statistics (Source : Bank Al-Maghrib)
MAA1 Interest rates
MAB1 Monetary and liquid Investment Aggregates
  Exchange Rates (Source : Bank Al-Maghrib)
MAF11 Exchange Rates
  Development Indicators
MAWB1 Development Indicators (Source : The World Bank)
  Source : Banque Centrale de Tunisie
  Monetary statistics
TNB1 CBT's monthly statement
TNB2 Other statistics of the CBT
TNB3 Banks' statistics
TNB4 leasing companies' statistics
TNB5 Offshore banks' statistics
  Resident financial system resources
TNB6 Resident financial system resources -RESOURCES
TNB7 Resident financial system resources -COUNTERPARTS
TNB8 Monetary policy operations
TNB9 Ordinary current accounts of banks
TNA1 Interest rates
TNB10 Deposits
TNB11 Treasury bonds
  Exchange statistics
TNF21 Daily rates of the main currencies quoted on the interbank exchange market
TNC1 Index of household consumer prices, Industrial price sale price index
  Gross domestic product
TNE1 Gross domestic product at market prices
TNE2 Gross domestic product at factor cost
TNE3 Use of gross domestic products
  Balance of payments' statistics
  foreign trade
TNF1 Exports
TNF2 Imports
TNF3 Receipts
TNF4 Expenditures
TNF5 Balances
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