Financial and Economic Statistics
Asia ‡T
China Source : China Statistical Information and Consultancy Service Center,
    The People's Bank of China
    Financial Sector
China CNA2 National Interbank Market
China CNB1 Money Supply
China CNB2 Credit Funds Balance Sheet of Financial Institutions (Sources of Funds)
China CNB3 Savings Deposit in Urban and Rural Areas
    Government Finance
China CNB7 Government Revenue and Expenditure and Growth Rates
China CNB8 Government Revenue by Item
China CNB9 Taxes
China CNB10 Government Expenditure by Main Item
    Prices Indexes
China CND1 Consumer Price Index By Category
China CND2 Retail Price Index By Category
    National Accounts
China CNE1 Gross Domestic Product
China CNE2 Composition of Gross Domestic Product
China CNE3 Indies of Gross Domestic Product
China CNE4 Indices of Gross Domestic Product(1978=100)
    External Sector
China CNF1 Balance of Payments
China CNF2 Total Value of Imports and Exports
China CNF3 Exports Value by Category of Commodities
China CNF4 Imports Value by Category of Commodities
China CNF8 Main Export Commodities in Volume and Value
China CNF9 Main Import Commodities in Volume and Value
China CNF10 Volume of Imports and Exports by Countries and Regions
China CNH21 Output of Farming, Animal Husbandry and Fishery
China CNH31 Output of Major Industrial Products
China CNI1 Total Investment in Fixed Assets in the Whole Country
China CNI11 Total Production of Energy and Its Composition
China CNI12 Total Consumption of Energy and Its Composition
    Labour and Employment
China CNL1 Population and Its Composition
China CNL2 Number of Employed Persons at Year-end by Three Strata of Industry
China CNL3 Number of Employed Persons at the Year-end by Sector
China CNM3 Average Wage of Staff and Workers and Related Indices
    Household Servey
China CNN1 Basic Conditions of Urban Households
China CNN2 Per Capita Annual Net Income of Rural Households
    Hong Kong
Hong Kong Source : Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hong Kong   Financial Sector
Hong Kong HKC1 Producer Price Indices
Hong Kong HKD1 Consumer Price Indices
    National Accounts
Hong Kong HKE1 Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Implicit Price Deflator of GDP and Per Capita GDP
Hong Kong HKE2 GDP and its main expenditure components at current market prices
Hong Kong HKE3 GDP and its main expenditure components in chained (2006) dollars
Hong Kong HKE4 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Economic Activity at Current Prices
    External Sector
Hong Kong HKF1 Balance of Payments : Current Account
Hong Kong HKF2 Balance of Payments : Capital and Financial Account
Hong Kong HKF3 External Trade Aggregate Figures
Hong Kong HKF4 Imports from Ten Main Suppliers
Hong Kong HKF5 Domestic Exports to Ten Main Destinations
Hong Kong HKF6 Domestic Exports of Ten Principal Commodity Divisions
Hong Kong HKH1 Producer Price Indices for Manufacturing Industries
Hong Kong HKK1 Total Retail Sales
    Labour and Employment
Hong Kong HKL1 Labour Force, Unemployment and Underemployment
  Source : Statistics and Census Service, Monetary Authority of MACAU
    Financial and Economic Data
    National Accounts
Macao MOE1 GDP-Annual
  MOE2 GDP-Quarter
  MOM1 Monthly Bulletin
Korea Source : The Bank of Korea
    Money & Banking
Korea KRA1 Market Rates
Korea KRB1 Monetary Aggregates
Korea KRB2 Accounts of the Bank of Korea
Korea KRB3 Loans & Discounts By Industry
Korea KRB4 Check Clearing System
    Public Finance
Korea KRB5 Govt. Finance
Korea KRC1 Producer Price Index
Korea KRC2 Export Price Index
Korea KRC3 Import Price Index
Korea KRD1 Consumer Price Index
    National Accounts
Korea KRE1 Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product( Current Prices)
Korea KRE2 Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product( 2000 Prices)
Korea KRE3 Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product(SA,Current Prices)
Korea KRE4 Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product(SA,2000 Prices)
    External Sector
Korea KRF1 Balance of Payments
Korea KRF2 Export by Country(KSC)
Korea KRF3 Import by Country(KSC)
Korea KRF4 Export by Commodity(KSC)
Korea KRF5 Import by Commodity(KSC)
Korea KRF21 Arbitraged Rates of Major Currencies Against Won
Korea KRH1 Manufacturing Production Index
Korea KRH2 Producers' Shipment Indexes
Korea KRH3 Producers' Inventory Indexes
Korea KRH4 Manufacturing Production Capacity Index
Korea KRH5 Manufacturing Operation Ratio Index
Korea KRI1 Value of Machinery Orders Received
Korea KRJ1 Value of Domestic Construction Orders Received
Korea KRJ2 Permits Authorized for Building Construction
Korea KRL1 Economically Active Population
Singapore Source : Monetary Authority of Singapore, Department of Statistics
    Money and Banking
Singapore SGA1 Domestic Interest Rates
Singapore SGB1 Money Supply
    Financial Markets
Singapore SGF10 Exchange Rates
  SG51 Official Foreign Reserves
Singapore SGWB1 Development Indicators (Source : The World Bank)
Taiwan Source : The Central Bank of China, National Statistics
    Money and Banking
Taiwan TWA1 Selected Interest Rates
Taiwan TWA2 Interbank Coll-loan Rates
Taiwan TWB1 Monetary Aggregates
  TWB2 Reserve Money (Monetary Base)
Taiwan TWC1 Indexes of Wholesale Price
Taiwan TWC2 Indexes of Import Price
Taiwan TWC3 Indexes of Export Price
  TWD1 Indexes of Consumer Price
    National Accounts
Taiwan TWE1 Expenditure on Gross Dosmetic Product
Taiwan TWE2 Gross Domestic Product by Kind of Activity
    External Trade
Taiwan TWF1 Balance of Payments
Taiwan TWF2 Value of Major Exports & Imports Assembled Commodities-Exports
Taiwan TWF3 Value of Imports by Composition and Major Commodities
Taiwan TWF4 Exports and Imports Value by Countries
Taiwan TWF21 Foreign Exchange Rates
Taiwan TWH1 Indexes of Production, Shipment and Inventory
Taiwan TWH2 Production of Principal Manufacturing Products
Taiwan TWH3 Indexes of Manufacturing Production
Taiwan TWH4 Indexes of Producer's Shipment
Taiwan TWH5 Indexes of Producer's Inventory
Taiwan TWH6 Demand and Supply of Energy
Taiwan TWK5 Number of Registered Motor Vehicles
Taiwan TWL1 Labor Force by 5 Ages- Labor Force, Gender and 5Ages
Taiwan TWL2 Employed Persons by Occupation
Taiwan TWL3 Average Monthly Working Hours of Employees on Payfolls
Taiwan TWL4 Average Ragulary Earnings of Employees on Payrolls
  TWL5 Indexes of Labor Productivity of Employees of Industry
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