Financial and Economic Statistics
  Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem
EU11a 1. Assets
EU11b 2. Liabilities
EU12 Key ECB Interest rates
  Eurosystem monetary policy operations allotted through tenders
EU13a 1. Main and longer-term refinancing operations
  Minimum reserveand liquidity statistics
EU14a 1. Reserve base of credit institutions subject to reserve requirements
EU14b 2. Reserve maintenance
EU14c 3. Liquidity
  Aggregated balance sheet of euro area MFIs
EU21a 1. Assets
EU21b 2. Liabilities
  Consolidated balance sheet of euro area MFIs
EU22a 1. Assets
EU22b 2. Liabilities
  Monetary statistics
EU23a 1.Monetary aggregates and counterparts
EU23b 2. Components of monetary aggregates and longer-term financial liabilities
  MFI loans,breakdown
EU24a 1. Loans to financial intermediaries and non-financial corporations
EU24b 2. Loans to households
EU24c 3. Loans to government and non-euro area residents
  Deposits held with MFIs, breakdown
EU25a 1. Deposits by financial intermediaries
EU25b 2. Deposits by non-financial corporations and households
EU25c 3. Deposits by government and non-euro area residents
EU26 MFI holdings of securities, breakdown
  Revaluation of selected MFI balance sheet items
EU27a 1. Write-offs/write-downs of loans to households
EU27b 2. Write-offs/write-downs of loans to non-financial corporations and non-euro area residents
EU27c 3.Revaluation of securities held by MFIs
  Currency breakdown of selected MFI balance sheet items
EU28a 1. Deposits
EU28b 2. Debt securities issued by euro area MFIs
EU28c 3. Loans
EU28d 4. Holdings of securities other than shares
  Aggregated balance sheet of euro area investment funds
EU29a 1. Assets
EU29b 2. Liabilities
EU29c 3. Total assets/liabilities broken down by investment policy and type of investor
  Assets of euro area investment funds broken down by investment policy and type of investor
EU210a 1. Funds by investment policy
EU210b 2. Funds by type of investor
EU41 Securities, other than shares, by original maturity, residency of the issuer and currency
  Securities, other than shares, issued by euro area residents, by sector of the issuer and instrument type
EU42a 1. Outstanding amounts and gross issues
EU42b 2. Net issues
EU43 Growth rates of securities,other than shares,issued by euro area residents
  Quoted shares issued by euro area residents
EU44a 1. Outstanding amounts and annual growth rates
EU44b 2. Transactions during the month
  MFI interest rates on euro-denominated deposits and loans by euro area residents
EU45a 1. Interest rates on deposits (new business)
EU45b 2. Interest rates on loans to households (new business)
EU45c 3. Interest rates on loans to non-financial corporations (new business)
EU45d 4. Interest rates on deposits (outstanding amounts)
EU45e 5. Interest rates on loans (outstanding amounts)
EU46 Money market interest rates
EU47 Euro area yield curves
EU48 Stock market indices
  HICP,other prices and costs
EU51a 1. Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices
EU51b 2. Industrial producer prices excluding construction
EU51c 3. Hourly labour costs
EU51d 4. Unit labour costs, compensation per employee and labour productivity
EU51e 5. Gross Domestic Product deflators
  Output and demand
EU52a 1. GDP and expenditure components
EU52b 2. Value added by economic activity
EU52c 3. Industrial production
EU52d 4. Industrial new orders and turnover, retail sales and passenger car registrations
EU52e 5. Business and Consumer Surveys
  Labour markets
EU53a 1. Employment
EU53b 2. Unemployment
  Revenue, expenditure and deficit/surplus
EU61a 1. Euro area _ revenue
EU61b 2. Euro area _ expenditure
EU61c 3. Euro area _ deficit/surplus, primary deficit/surplus and government consumption
EU61d 4. Euro area countries _ deficit (-)/surplus (+)
EU62a 1. Euro area _ by financial instrument and sector of the holder
EU62b 2. Euro area _ by issuer, maturity and currency denomination
EU62c 3. Euro area countries
  Change in debt
EU63a 1. Euro area _ by source, financial instrument and sector of the holder
EU63b 2. Euro area _ deficit-debt adjustment
  Quarterly revenue, expenditure and deficit/surplus
EU64a 1. Euro area _ quarterly revenue
EU64b 2. Euro area _ quarterly expenditure and deficit/surplus
  Quarterly debt and change in debt
EU65a 1. Euro area _ Maastricht debt by financial instrument 1)
EU65b 2. Euro area _ deficit-debt adjustment
  Balance of payments
EU71 Summary balance of payments
  Current and capital accounts
EU72a 1.Summary Current and capital accounts
EU72b 2.Income account
  Financial account
EU73a 1. Summary financial account
EU73b 2. Direct investment
EU73c 3. Portfolio investment assets
EU73d 4. Portfolio investment liabilities
EU73e 5. Other investment assets
EU73f 6. Other investment liabilities
EU73g 7. Reserve assets
EU74 Monetary presentation of the balance of payments
  Trade in goods
EU75a 1. Values, volumes and unit values by product group
EU75b 2. Geographical breakdown
EU81 Effective exchange rates
EU82 Bilateral exchange rates
  Source : The European Central Bank
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